VAT refund for tourists visiting UAE


VAT refund for tourists visiting UAE is on cards, as per Article (68) of Draft Executive Regulations in relation of VAT decree no.8, tourists visiting State, if takes goods purchased in the State to a country outside the State would be eligible to claim refund of VAT paid at the time of purchase of such goods. However such goods should be exported outside implementing state within 3 months from the date of supply or say date of purchase. Further, such touristĀ also intends to depart from the State within 90 days from that date of purchase along with the Goods.


    • Hello Shibu, would be able to answer your questions when final executive regulation is out. However in general, such refund is available at airports and tourists are able to claim after presenting supporting documents like VAT Invoice, Claim Forms, Copy of Travel Tickets etc. Process is generally easy and also not time consuming !!!

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